Tuesday, December 7, 2010

2nd to last episode!

 Who will you vote for????
Ada??? or Elizabeth?  I cant believe it is down to the final four! In the beginning of the show the contestants were sent home for a few months to see how well they could adjust to being at home. They all were challenged to run the 26.2 mile marathon...and they all accomplished  it!!! Ada set herself the goal of beating Tara's time which was the record for the female time...and she accomplished her goal! I was so proud of her. Each of the contestants were then given $10,000 to give to the charity of their choice. Thus continuing this seasons theme of paying it forward. At the last weigh in all four contestants were to weigh in and the top two were automatically in the final three, while the bottom two have to win America's vote. Fredo and Patrick were the top two while Ada and Elizabeth are fighting it out for the change to be in the final three. If you are a fan of the show and would like to see one of these contestants in the  finals...you need to vote. I am sooo hoping Ada will be the third contestant. This is her first time below the yellow line the whole season, and after everything she has been through with her family!!! I voting for her. You can vote for free at http://www.nbc.com/ Next week is the live finally when all of the voted off contestants come back for their chance at the at home prize of $100,000 while Frado, Patrick, and either Ada or Elizabeth will be competing for $250,000!!! I am really rooting for Ada to win the whole thing...and if she can't win...Patrick would be my 2nd choice!

Biggest loser episodes 9, 10, & 11

Ok, It has been a long time since I have been able to blog. Things have been sooo busy. I apologise for the gap of time, especially if you look forward to the biggest loser updates. Here is a run down of the past three weeks: In episode 9 Jessica got sent home. I felt really bad for her. I knew she probably wasn't going to win the show, but I really liked her. In this episode they received videos from home...except for Ada!! Some one needs to kick her parents! I mean seriously!!! How could you not send a video? How can you act like you don't even care? Bob said they tried numerous times to get in touch with her family and got no response!!! Horrible!!! I hope all of her parents friends and acquaintances watch the show and I home her parents are extremely embarrassed by  their behavior!!! Ok enough about that! It was amazing to me that the rest of the contestants made a video for her and each one of them talked about what made her special to them!! It was awesome...of course I was crying!

   In episode 10, Lisa went home. I had extremely mixed emotions about this one because for the whole season she has been on again off again in terms of wanting to be there. This is disheartening for someone like me who would love to be there and have the chance to work with Bob and Jillian. But it seemed she was finally starting to get it. She was finally starting to want to be there...and she gets sent home. At least she made it to make over week...she looked great, as did all of them. I felt Bad for Ada because after her family not sending her a video last week, they did not come to the makeover. Ada made a good point though when she said she was glad they weren't there because she was still upset with them for not sending a video, and their presence might have taken away from her joy. I totally agree with that!!! Once again I cried my way through the show! Oh and just a shout of to warriors in pink, you can go to
 www.ford.com/warriorsinpink/ to purchase merchandise
that was featured on this weeks show. The money raised
goes towards the fight against breast cancer!

On episode 11 there were two people who were going to be sent home. There would be a yellow line to determine one of the players and the dreaded red line that would automatically send one contestant home immediately! When it came time for the weigh in Brenden fell below the red line automatically leaving the show. I hate to say it but I was so glad it was him. The whole season he has been so cocky as to thinking he would be in the final three and that the alliances he made and all the game playing he had done would get him there. Only to find out that it was his weight loss, and his weight loss alone that would send him home. There was no one to blame but himself. Elizabeth and Mark both fell below the yellow line and of course when it came down to it they chose to send Mark home thus making it easier for themselves by getting the biggest threat out of the way! But not to worry all those who loved Mark. I believe he will win the at home prize!!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Biggest Loser episode 8

I am sorry I have been slacking off lately, so it took me a while to post this weeks Biggest Loser run down, but here it goes. This week was crazy, not that any other week isn't but this week was even more so.The contestants had temptation and the player who won the temptation,won the right to choose pairs for the week. At the end of the week two teams would be below the yellow line and the other players would vote for which TEAM to send home!!! That's right I said team! This is the first time I have ever seen them send two players home at one time except for when it is a couples season. But at the beginning of the season these were complete strangers, now there safety at the ranch depended on each other. Brenden ate 3500 calories in order to win the temptation and take control of the game. Let me just start by saying  I do not like Brenden, I feel like he is there for the game and his end goal is the $250.000! While money is a great motivator, if that is his only motivation, I can see him gaining the weight back after the ranch! He was not only completely selfish, but extremely unfair, and I feel sexist! He paired the four remaining girls with each other and all the guys with each other. He said it was because it wasn't fair for the guys who work harder and have bigger numbers to be put with the girls who have lower numbers! YET Anna has the 2nd highest percentage of weight loss.
    Lisa and Elizabeth were paired together because they asked to be together. Both of these girls don't seem like they want to be there, and that was the  drama that was brought out at the weigh in. Jillian was freaking out at the two of them and even cool headed Bob was screaming at them! They ended up below the yellow line with Aaron and Jesse. I thought for sure they were going to send the girls home due to there lack of wanting to be there. Ultimately the guys: Frado, Brenden, and Patrick decided they want to play the game and felt that The guys were more of a threat and sent them home! I was sooo MAD! But of course it showed them now that they are home...and they look great! In fact Jesse looked HOT!!! lol
    This week is going to be emotional. In the previews it shows them all getting video's from home...and Anna doesn't get one! I could just kick her parents! BUT the contestants make her a video...It should be a good show! I am really rooting for Anna to win it all!!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

And the winner is......

     Congratulations!!!! Dorene Meaders is the winner of the book "Believe it, Be it." Autographed by Ali Vincent season 5 winner of The Biggest Loser!!!

Biggest loser episode 7

   First, let me say I was so mad that Biggest Loser was only an hour because of election coverage:( This episode was short and sweet. It was awesome though, the had the US Marines come in and take the players to their boot camp to train with them. Half way through the challenge Elizabeth collapsed and passed out, but her team stayed with her and almost literally carried her to the finish line. The marines were like "we never leave a man behind" It was very motivating and emotional. I am so grateful for our military and for the service they render to our country.
   At the weigh in there were three players that gained weight and Fredo gained 4!!! It was crazy. Jillian said it was because they were taken away from their norm and they had to eat what they were served in the mess hall. They are going to have a hard time next week getting back into the swing of things. In the end the black team lost the weigh in and they voted for Anna to go home. I felt so bad for her, she worked so hard to come back only to be voted off two weeks later. But now that she is home she looks great.
   Oh and Brendan...shaved his head!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Win Ali Vincent's book "Believe it, Be it"

As some of you know I recently had the opportunity to meet Ali Vincent, season 5 winner of "The Biggest Loser"...the first female biggest loser!!! It was very motivating to hear her story and know, that you are not the only one going through what you are going through! In her book she talks about her experiences on the Biggest Loser ranch as well the events in her life that got her to the point where she felt the only option...was the ranch!!! I have a copy of her book that I had read prior to meeting her that she signed for me, I also purchased a book and asked her to sign it for one of YOU!!! The inscription reads "LIFILIA (lost it, found it, losing it again) blogger, Remember one minute @ a time..."

     If you would like to win this book all you need to do is become a follower of this weight loss blog! Those of you who have already become followers will automatically be entered! It's that easy!!! I will be choosing a winner on November 1st 2010, so be sure to become a follower, and if you know anyone who would benefit by becoming a follower of this blog, feel free to invite them as well. The more followers we have the more motivating it will be for each of us!!!


Biggest Loser episode 6

      In case you missed what happened last night on the biggest loser, here is a run down. This week they were told at the beginning of the show that only one person's weight loss was going to count for the whole team...and that the other team was going to be picking the person who was going to weigh in...AND they were not going to find out until the weigh in who the other team had picked. In the end the blue team picked Elizabeth to weigh in for the black team and she lost 5lbs, while the black team choose Jessica to weigh in for the blue team. She needed to loose more than 5lbs in order to beat Elizabeth...and she lost 4. So the blue team had to choose someone to vote off. They ended up with a tie, 3 voting for Jessica because she lost the least amount of weight and 3 people voting for Adam because they viewed him as a threat. Since it was a tie they brought in the black team to choose and they also feel Adam was more of a threat so they choose to eliminate him.
      It showed him now that he is home and he looks great. He has lost more than 100lbs and is working with the local Y to help inspire his town to loose weight.
      During the show Curtis Stone and a guest chef were helping the teams to each create a meal to be voted as the winning meal. All of the recipes that were created were healthy dishes and the recipes can be found at www.nbc.com/the biggestloser